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Hey there!

I'm Cema Flozell Wallace, Chief Creative Officer and Owner of G.I.B.I.Y.

I was born and raised in Evanston, IL., and graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. 

After changing careers various times I have finally settled on my dream of being an entrepreneur. For as long as I can remember, I had an eye for what looks "good" and what doesn't. I started using the skill to create media graphics, templates, logos, etc. in my previous role; mostly for other entrepreneurs that are chasing their dreams and making their dreams come to life. Whether that is a website, a social platform, a room or space, I love to make the aesthetics in your mind, come to life. 

While G.I.B.I.Y is NOT only for women, I always wanted to be someone that inspired other women to go for what they want in life despite obstacles and expectations. 

G.I.B.I.Y strongly supports female-owned businesses, and truly believes that a woman that knows what she want's can make it happen, no matter what.


G.I.B.I.Y would be thrilled to make that dream come to life for female entrepreneurs out there. Girl, I believe in you. ™️ 

xoxo -Cema Flozell Wallace 


The design process can be daunting and highly say the least. G.I.B.I.Y aims to help take all that time and stress off your plate. Whether you are just getting started or need to get around to branding your small business, we have you covered. For our web design or redesign process, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our C.C.O. is a "W.I.X. Partner Icon," staying current on new methods/techniques and creating all websites through W.I.X. Editor X or Shopify, depending on what suits your business needs best. You can trust that all our designs start from scratch, not templates. This way, we piece together the perfect home for your brand. This makes your website original, unique to you,  exactly what you need to build + grow your business, and precisely what you imagined. 


Your logo shouldn't be one you are ashamed of or feel like your business has outgrown. It's okay to switch things up. We aim to create simple, timeless logos and branding, including typography and colors for you to use to keep your brand uniform and beautiful for years to come. 


Social media graphics are like appetizers to your brand. They keep things interesting on your preferred social media feeds to inform, inspire, and entertain your audience. G.I.B.I.Y. loves to bring these bite-size samples of your business to life, taking another task off your plate in the pursuit of growing your brand. Also, ask us about designing a branded Feed Layout for you!



Interior decorating and design takes time and, most importantly, vision, which is not always easy! A clean, beautiful space makes the day-to-day of your business and home much better. So, let us help you make all you imagine come to life. 


Regarding design, business branding, and those monthly tasks you don't have much time for. We have your back. There's nothing we aren't willing to do to help you free up time, giving you more hours in the day to devote to your clients and customers. Above all else, believe you can do whatever you put your mind to, and you will. We certainly believe in you. 

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